Our Story


CODE FOR GIRLS is an organization that aims to empower girls in the tech industry by building a community of talented girls from all disciplines, teaching them how to code (a.k.a create magic from scratch), work together, and develop their personal and professional skills.

CODE FOR GIRLS started as an initiative by two friends, Deema & Nora. Two passions collided, and CODE FOR GIRLS was born to be the first of it's kind in Saudi Arabia.

Girls, here we learn how to believe, support and achieve!

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Meet the Team

Deema Alamer

Co-founder and course instructor

Deema is a Developer by day and an amateur artist by night. She enjoys teaching and promoting technology, and has a great wealth of experience in running community activities to teach kids & young women how to code and trigger their problem solving skills. In her free time, she loves exploring creative areas of life, such a painting, and writing. She enjoys exploring new and hidden parts of the City.

Nora AlNashwan

Co-founder and course instructor

Nora is a Developer Advocate, who is passionate about keeping developers inspired and informed. She has a great wealth of experience in teaching and advocating development amongst developers and non-developers of all ages. When not programming, Nora enjoys spending time with family & friends playing board games. If you want to make Nora happy, bring her Arabic coffee!