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CODE FOR GIRLS is an organization that aims to empower girls in the tech industry by building a community of talented girls from all disciplines, teaching them how to code (a.k.a create magic from scratch), work together, and develop their personal and professional skills.

CODE FOR GIRLS started as an initiative by two friends, Deema & Nora. Two passions collided, and CODE FOR GIRLS was born to be the first of it's kind in Saudi Arabia.

Girls, here we learn how to believe, support and achieve!

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Meet the Team

Deema Alamer

Co-founder and course instructor

Deema is a Developer by day and an amateur artist by night. She enjoys teaching and promoting technology, and has a great wealth of experience in running community activities to teach kids & young women how to code and trigger their problem solving skills. On the side, you’ll find Deema teaching Spanish @españolcondeema and exploring creative areas of life, such a painting, and writing.

Nora AlNashwan

Co-founder and course instructor

Nora is a Developer Advocate, who is passionate about keeping developers inspired and informed. She has a great wealth of experience in teaching and advocating development amongst developers and non-developers of all ages.

Ehsan Fahmi

Course instructor and content creator

Ehsan, has been a Web Developer since 2012. She loves teaching and passing on her knowledge and expertise to others. She believes hard work wins over talent, and those who dedicate themselves to their dreams will overcome any obstacle.

Razan Alaskar

Course instructor

Razon is a Software Developer, focused on developing security-related applications. She is excited by applications of Artificial Intelligence and new technologies. She loves teaching and encouraging girls to gain new skills. She has a passion in volunteering for a good cause. Razan is a giver!

Halah AlMazrua

Course instructor and content creator

Halah is Web Developer with a great experience in teaching and assisting teachers in her University to help other students. Building IoT projects (with Arduino and Raspberry Pi) started out as a hobby for her, but soon it developed into a great passion. She loves animals, especially birds. Her life motto is “You really want to be doing what you love”.

Sarah AlSubaie

Course instructor and content creator

Sarah is a Software Developer. She has always been a naturally inclined technologist person. She is passionate about new technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, and IoT. Sarah is a photographer too. Taking a good picture can make her happy.

Faten Aldawish

Course instructor and content creator

Faten is a Software Engineer and has an experience with developer advocacy. She believes that coding is your best friend, so when she gets upset, her family just asks her to start CODING! One of her hobbies is preparing gifts for those who she loves.

Norah AlRashoudi

Course instructor and content creator

Nora is an iOS developer, interested in Swift, SwiftUI, and ReactNative. She’s hungry for knowledge and believes that when you stop learning, you will stop going forward. She finds pleasure in a cup of coffee and reading articles or listening to podcasts.