January 2021 Challenge

This is a cost minimising problem 
The spaghetti and meatball meal planning problem. 

The three decision variable consists of how many ounces of uncooked meatballs, how many ounces of uncooked spaghetti, and how many ounces of spaghetti sauce to use in each meal.

 The total meal must weigh at least 15 ounces before it is cooked.

 Also, each meal must contain at least 4 ounces of meatballs, and 3 ounces of spaghetti sauce, and 6 ounces of spaghetti.

 An ounce of meatballs costs $12, an ounce of spaghetti costs $4, an ounce of spaghetti sauce costs $9.

How many ounces of each ingredient should we use, in order to pay the minimum cost?

Your answer should include how many ounces of spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, meatballs, and the total cost.

 If you wish to research this more, this problem is an optimisation problem, which is a subset of a bigger discipline called Operations research. You may solve this problem with computational power and different algorithms. However this particular example is simple enough to solve using logic.

This challenge was written by
C. Carl Pegels & Vahid Lotfi

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January 2021 Challenge


January 2021 Challenge


Basma Al-khameri

1/1/2021 23:42:19

رنا الغامدي

1/2/2021 13:13:24

Atheer Alamri

1/5/2021 23:19:49

Rahaf AlZahrani

1/8/2021 19:05:17

Manal AL-Mousa

1/10/2021 12:36:12

لبنى عبد الرحمن القرشي

1/12/2021 2:53:24

منال الموسى

1/12/2021 13:17:30

Maha Alomirah

1/12/2021 18:29:51

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