The Challenge

February 2021 Challenge

Our challenge this month is a bit tricky ;) you will have to decode the following ciphertext by using columnar transposition cipher but without a keyword!

Ciphertext: clst onao yawd uayi

*hint: don’t use google, you don’t even have the key

You can try the smallest number that can be divided by the ciphertext length and the remainder equal to zero. If you found the number start applying the columnar, afterwards guess the transposition technique. 

This challenge was written by
رنا الهاجري Rana AlHajri

The Answer

Number of the ciphertext letter: 16
 16/4 = 4 
 remainder = 0
 You will start filling 4x4
 Then try to guess the columns order, it is 4213.
 Decrypted text: you can always do it ;) 

February 2021 Challenge


Najla alsabti

2/7/2021 22:59:16

سارة الذهيبان

2/7/2021 23:56:24

ميار نايف الغامدي

2/22/2021 20:00:28

سمر القحطاني

2/25/2021 4:53:25